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Rates & Fees



Hourly – $650 / hour

  • Hourly Rate Matters
    • Audits
    • Special projects
    • Client chooses hourly over flat / contingent fee
  • Example – the IRS audits a self-employed consultant for 1 tax year.  Typical hours for this type of audit is about 12 hours. Estimated fees in this case, approximately $7,800.

Flat Fees – offered whenever possible.

  • Flat Fee Matters
    • Foreign account disclosures ($8,000 and up)
    • Tax return preparation ($2,000 and up)
    • Tax investigations ($2,500 and up)
    • Tax planning ($2,500 and up)
  • Example – John has 4 foreign bank accounts that have not been disclosed to the IRS.  He decides to file a streamlined disclosure with the IRS. The accounts are relatively simple bank accounts.  Flat fee in this case, $6,500.

Contingent Fees

Contingent Fees – based on amount saved.  Fee will vary on amount owed, complexity and difficulty.

  • Contingent Fee Matters
    • Tax disputes and litigations
    • Penalty abatement cases


  • Example – Jane owes $90,000 to the IRS after an audit.  The audit is appealed and the bill is reduced to $30,000 (a $60,000 savings).  Law Office charges 1/3rd of the saved amount, or $20,000.

Low Income Taxpayers