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Complex Reporting

Foreign corporations require complex reporting - including Form 5471 (and often other forms too). Whether Europe, Asia or elsewhere, we are experienced in financial data conversion, determining filing requirements and international tax planning.

Potential Benefits

In some cases foreign corporations can reduce tax. Income can be deferred indefinitely or U.S. tax can be dramatically lowered (via GILTI).


However, pitfalls are everywhere. PFIC treatment, Subpart F, unusable GILTI losses and so much more. Reporting failures can also bring huge penalties. Not the place to DIY.

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frequently asked questions

Am I Even a Corporation?

In the int’l space, this in itself can be a difficult question. There are countless designations for business entities around the world. Determining the type of entity can often be a challenge. In some cases, the instructions on IRS Form 8832 help. In others, guesswork, process of elimination and/or additional filings may be required.

What Kind of Filer?

After determining you are a corporation, next you must determine which filer category(ies) you fall into. There are 5 (not including subcategories) and they are not mutually exclusive. For instance, you can be both a Category 2 and 3 filer at the same time. Each category has different filing requirements.

Do I Want to Be a Corporation?

Another difficult question. Sometimes partnership or disregarded entity treatment may be far superior. An assessment of your individual circumstances is key.

Financial Data Conversion

often these forms require balance sheet and income statement reporting, which is often in another language and non-traditional format. We’re used to this sort of thing.

Reducing Filing Requirements

After a full assessment of your filing requirements, how can we reduce them? Making your tax returns simpler saves time and service fees.

Tax Reduction

can we further reduce tax by modifying the company or making other changes?


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